Saved Payment Information can Now be Synced on Different Devices with Google Chrome / Google


Google is making online shopping even more convenient by allowing signed-in Chrome users to use the already saved payment methods in Google Accounts to fill checkout forms.

The feature has been rolled out on desktop version and Google Pay is responsible for managing the payment method amendments, without any need of activating the Chrome Sync.

If the payment information has been saved in another signed in device that is Google Pay compatible, it will be extracted from there and users will not have to reenter it.

There are no security threats involved as right after signing in when Chrome asks to use a card from Google Account, it will also demand to confirm the CVC of Card. Whenever a new card is added to the account, a confirmation email is sent by Google Pay that has additional information as well.

To manage or delete a card, from the Google Account settings dashboard, go to ‘Payments and Subscriptions’ and select Payment methods menu.

Whether a user wants to sync payment method or not, it’s their choice. Head to Chrome Settings, go to Payment Methods and select Add to save the credit card in Chrome directly.

that they have built Chrome in a way that users can perform their task quickly, be it related to search, internet surfing or to make any kind of payment online. This new addition to Chrome is a further advancement to improve the user experience.

to introduce single cross-platform and cross-browser pay system with the name, Google Pay. It has the same features as of the former platforms with a few additions. Like Google introduced passes and event ticket tools to allow fans to hold their phones to NFC readers for admission. Companies then use Google Pay and lock screen notifications to contact ticket holders.

According to Google, millions of users have already saved their payment data in their Google Accounts.


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