“Reserve With Google Partners” to Get New Video Appointments and Classes Functionality / Google


Google has been working on a lot of new features that are meant to ensure that businesses can continue to thrive in spite of the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of the economy to some kind of a grinding halt. Marketers that use would most likely have seen the new prompt last month that showed you an option through which real time video conversations could be had with customers and the like, and this was a bit of a hint at what was just around the corner.

was basically mean to indicate that it would soon be possible for people that use Google My Business to offer customers video appointments which is something that can be particularly useful in fields that do not require actual face to face contact in order to make it so that the services required can end up being provided in the best manner possible. This can help businesses to make the most of any clients that they end up getting, not to mention increasing the likelihood that a particular customer is going to be inclined towards giving the services that are being provided a try.

It seems like for the meantime this is a feature that is only going to be available to partners of the . This makes sense since this is a program that can help the rollout of this kind of feature to become smoother than might have been the case otherwise. Still, a lot of people that use Google My Business might be irked at the exclusive nature of a feature that could very well mean the difference between whether they are able to continue running their business in a profitable manner or not during this pandemic. With all of that having been said and out of the way, it is important to note that there is a high chance that this is a test run and that Google will opt for a wider rollout later on after any problems in the new feature have been ironed out.


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