Now it’s easier than ever to find the shareable GIF with Google Images latest feature / Google


Since the past few months, made to its .

Now the a share GIF section where users can easily find the perfect GIF and quickly share it through WhatsApp, Gmail, and Messenger.

The GIFs that will be part of the Share GIFs section are compiled in collaboration with content creators, streaming services, and movie studios. Interested GIF creators can also submit their latest creation to appear in this section by .

However, don’t expect the GIF area to be cluttered as Google claims that the GIFs that appear in this section will be based on their likelihood to be shared. So hopefully, the GIF you may want to share will appear amongst the top to make the task hassle-free.

The new feature is currently available across all platforms including the Google app for iOS and Android and in Chrome for Android as well. The feature is yet to make an entrance on the desktop but assuming that it is more suited for mobile use – we should not vouch on it.

Previously, feature to make it easier for the users to find the products they are interested in buying. Google is also working on the that would allow users to take a photo of the object they are interested in and find a similar product online.

Seems like Google is going all the way out to make its Image section more predominant for the users. What do you think?


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