Is Google bringing the Share button to its search bar? / Google


App researcher, recently tweeted her latest discovery. She witnessed a ‘share’ button alongside the Search box (and voice search icon) in Google App.

In response to Jane’s tweet, many users commented to see the same option in their searches. However, that makes us wonder what the purpose behind the ‘share’ feature is as any user on the internet can easily search for the same phrase themselves.

A user also pointed out that Google is trying to mimic LMGTFY (let me google that for you) that allows users to Google on other’s behalf.

Jane also joked that perhaps the feature is to tell other people to simply use the search bar instead of asking questions to others.

However, it appears that the user can only share the search phrases and not the actual results since they vary by location and other personal data.

If that is the case, there seems no possible benefit of adding the feature. But let’s wait for the full roll-out to confirm Google’s motive.

Currently, the feature is available for . If you are also seeing the same, let us know your experiences.


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