In future, Google Earth will support all Chromium-based browsers along with Microsoft Edge / Google


In the future, Google Earth will support all Chromium browsers, including Microsoft Edge.

Various Google services have either not functioned or displayed prompts advising users to replace Microsoft Edge lately.

In April, Google Meet stopped supporting Microsoft Edge, although the company said that they are planning to support the new version of Microsoft Edge.

, Thomas Nattestad, Google Chromium’s Product Manager for Web Assembly, V8 and Web, explained that Google Earth formerly worked using Native Client technology, which is unique to Google Chrome browser.

The company is adding support for WebAssembly for Google Earth, which will enable it to work across various browsers.

Nattestad announced that the forthcoming version of Microsoft Edge will support Google Earth, even though the developer version of the browser still doesn’t run it.

“Using WebAssembly, we see more possibilities not just for making apps more accessible across browsers, but smoothing out the online experience, as we’ve seen with Google Earth. You can check out the Earth to see what the Earth team has achieved and read about their technical implementation .”

The users might have to wait by the time new version of Edge is issued publicly to use several Google services.


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