I’m not a Robot: Social Media Users Speak up Against the Inconveniences caused by Google reCaptcha! / Google


It’s a well-known fact that the number of bots scattered across the web has increased by an insanely huge number over the past couple of years. Be it Social Media or any other platforms, chances of coming across a bot are now at an all-time high. To tackle this issue, Google introduced a verification service called “” that sites can easily incorporate.

The reCaptcha requires users to pass some sort of test in order to gain access to a site. There are a providing users a set of pictures or boxes and asking them to choose the ones which meet a specific criteria for example, select all pictures with store logos or select all pictures with vehicles in it etc.

Although the reCaptcha was created for preventing bots from accessing websites, the service has now become frustrating for humans as well and gives them a hard time gaining access to sites (). The fact that most of the browsers and sites now repeatedly ask users to confirm that they are not robots is driving them crazy.

Due to this, out some interesting and hilarious reactions to express their displeasure with being tested so much. Some people tweeted GIF files of robots being frightened on seeing the reCaptcha while some have shared memes of machines passing the test.

Coming to the serious feedback for a while, Internet users have complained about getting reCaptcha multiple times a day, especially on Google and .

Not only that, the reCaptcha sometimes can be so vague that people have a hard time getting through the test. Even a single wrong selection can result in the test being regenerated with a completely different set of images. This takes up users’ valuable time and through tweets, they have expressed how it feels while attempting to solve the reCaptcha.

Some people have sarcastically said that the frequency with which they are asked to confirm that they are humans and not robots has even made them doubtful about themselves.

The Twitter is flooded with Tweets criticizing reCaptcha, its creators and everything linked to it and many people believe that it’s time for an alternative verification process to takeover.

Thus, from the above tweets, it can be seen that the frustration is quite high. It’s about time that Google either fixes the reCaptcha to make it convenient for “Human” users or roll out an easier yet effective verification test. Until then, good luck proving that you are a human!


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