Google’s SOS Alerts is Now Better than Ever with the Required Navigation and other Information / Google


SOS Alerts of Google, which was introduced almost two years ago, has now been updated by the company. With , it will provide better real-time information regarding the places that have been affected by natural disasters and Google Maps will have navigation warnings as well.

There will be a better and thorough visual representation of the earthquakes, floods or hurricanes along with showing the affected areas’ visual coverage.

Google Maps will notify with crisis card in case you are anywhere near the affected areas by the hurricane and also forecast its route.

A map will show the Flood affected areas when there is a prediction of it, and tell how severe it could be.

There are crisis cards for earthquakes as well, that will show details about its epicenter, magnitude, and possible areas it can affect.

Google’s SOS Alerts are an efficient way to inform regarding the natural disaster. Google will also present the relevant news, emergency phone numbers and other safety tips including trending Twitter posts when a relevant term is searched. It is also capable of sending push alert when the condition is severe.

In the next few weeks, SOS Alerts will be rolled out, depending upon the platform, the place of the natural disaster may be different.

Earthquake indicators and navigation warnings will be provided on Google Maps all over the world. The navigation warnings will be available for Android and iOS users, whereas Android, iOS, mobile web, and desktop will receive earthquake indicators.

Flood visualization will be available in India only for now as there are high chances of a flood, for Android, desktop and mobile web users.

Every platform of the US, Japan, Taiwan, Western Europe, Caribbean, and other few countries will get hurricane visual forecasts.


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