Google’s New Feature For Digital Wellbeing Is A Pretty Odd One / Google


With the aim to help people in reducing the smartphone usage, Google came up with a feature in Android 9 Pie.

Ever since then, the menu of the feature can be easily accessed by going into the Android settings and there you can see the overall amount of time that you spend on apps, pause some of them or even for more drastic changes in your digital routine. However, with all the limiters in place, it has been often observed that some users still can’t help their habit of using the smartphone more and more throughout the day.

To combat this issue, Google is now planning to go one step ahead with the Digital Wellbeing feature and according to the insider reports, you might soon see a Mindful Wallpaper inside any of the upcoming betas of Digital Wellbeing.

As discovered in a string of code by , the new feature seems to be heavily inspired by an experimental app called . In case, if you haven’t had a chance to try out the app, then it puts up a big counter on the home screen right after the installation which then keeps on showing you the number of times your device has been unlocked. So, for every single time a user wakes up the device, the counter keeps on ticking.

But fortunately, the Mindful Wallpaper will look a little less horrible than the counter of Unlock Clock. Right after it is enabled on your Android phone, you will get to see clouds on your home screen and the amount of clouds will keep on increasing with every single successful unlock attempt.

Nevertheless, this can be a problem for all those users who care about the aesthetics of a smartphone because the Mindful Wallpaper of Digital Wellbeing can make your phone look ugly even in a single day if your smartphone usage is very high.

The feature for now is not a part of the next beta build so we are not sure about whether Google will include this in the future release of Digital Wellbeing or not. But there is one thing for sure that sooner or later this functionality is about to happen in the Digital Wellbeing.

Would you like to try this out to control your obsession with smartphone?


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