Google’s Messages App is going to be another copycat of Snapchat. Read to know more! / Google


Google has number of messaging apps. Each apps have different features. Some of these features are yet to come. To make these apps more exciting, Google is going to add Geo-filters like Snapchat and Instagram.

According to the reports of , The Alphabet-owned company is following the footsteps of Instagram and Snapchart. It is going to introduce five filters: Angel, Confetti, Plane, Fireworks and Balloon.

The filters can be used in messages app which let users to send pictures, as well. The filters can be sent in MMS, SMS and RCS format. The format depends on the smartphone capabilities.

Currently, the filters are being tested on Android Messages. No words from Google on when they will released the feature for us to use.

Geo-filters rose to immense popularity when Instagram imitated Snapchat and introduce Instagram stories. Thus, it is possible that Google might be succeed if it adopt the same plan.

However, in the last years, it was proved that social networking is not Google’s forte, as the tech giant has notoriously killed its several social media projects.

Yet, things can change. It is worth to wait for the announcement of filters in Messages app from Google. Stay tuned for more updates.

To give you more information, Google will introduce RCS-based messages in . It will be launched in other countries soon.


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