Google’s algorithm alters itself when a serious world event happens / Google


A Google engineer says while talking to that the search algorithm has been modified to meet real-life issues.

A senior search engineer of Google, Pandu Nayak says that the search algorithm can now detect any unfortunate event or unusual happening.

Google will now broaden the capacity of authority-signals to deliver the precise and relevant details about the issue.

Nayak quotes that algorithm is updated due to the sure in indents like school shootings and calamities in the United States, as the searchers can get bewildered by misinformation available about a particular event.

Nayak clarifies that the manual page-by-page interventions in search results cannot solve the problem of misinformation. What Google needs to do is to deeply enquire why this issue aroused in the first place, what issue was in its algorithm that caused this issue to happen, and if Google finds the main flaw, they try their best to fix it.

Nayak is mentioning the authority as well-defined in the .

Google’s aim is to minimize the spread of misleading/fake information by lowering or removing them from the search engine result pages.

Google will display the results from the most genuine sources when the information about the disasters is being searched.

In case of a extreme storm, Google would display most recent news stories in relevant search queries about that storm instead of generic evergreen articles and blog posts.

The search algorithm will start showing usual results after the disaster has diminished.

Photo: AP


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