Google to Abandon Tablets in Favor of Chrome OS Laptops / Google


Over the years, one thing that the world of Android sorely lacked was a good tablet. Even though there were flagship Android phones that could potentially compete with the likes of Apple, the fact of the matter is that there was no tablet out there that ran on Android that could compete with the iPad or the iPad mini, especially with all of the rapid advancements that were coming these devices with Apple consistently churning out new and better products for you to look into when you are purchasing something.

All of that changed with the Pixel Slate, a tablet made by Google that got some pretty good reviews. However, it seems like from tablets and will instead be focusing on laptops that run on Chrome OS instead. The company will ostensibly be doing this in order to make it easier for them to proliferate Chrome OS and topple the monopoly that Microsoft currently has on the computer operating system market, a monopoly that is only meekly challenged by the likes of Mac OS by Apple and Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu which have managed to take up a significant minority of the market share that is currently available.

One reason that Google is moving away from tablets has to do with the fact that they are just not selling all that well. In spite of the fact that Google has put a lot of money into marketing these products, they haven’t been selling well enough which is why Google will be moving towards a different product line very soon according to its recent behavior in the market it’s operating in.



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