Google Takeout now allows you to select specific albums to transfer to Flickr or Microsoft OneDrive / Google


When Google Takeout was introduced, it was meant to let the users export and download local copies of data that they transfer to other third-party services with the help of the Data Transfer Project. This project is an open-source initiative that was designed exclusively to allow users to transfer their data directly from one service to another. It can be from Facebook to Google Photos, or some data from other services like Microsoft, Twitter, etc. So, basically, the Data Transfer Project allowed the swift and smooth transfer of data from one place to another, without the need to download and re-upload files.

The main purpose of this initiative was to provide interoperability and portability to the users and make the transfer easier for those who have limited bandwidth and network connectivity issues. These people can download tens of gigabytes of data and then manually upload it all on another service or product.

With Google Takeout, Google brought data portability for the users, along with giving them complete control over their data information. So, this not only allowed the users to make swift transfers, this also gave them the ability to back their data up to multiple clouds or try a new service- as per their wish. As per Google’s reports in 2019, Takeout was used to export more than 200 billion files, with an average of over two million exports of files per month.

Now, there is to this array of features on Google Takeout. It allows users to select specific albums in Photos to transfer.

If you want to transfer files from Google Photos, you can use Takeout to move specific albums to Flickr and Microsoft OneDrive. Once you select ‘data to include,’ you will see a new page, which will ask you to choose ‘content options.’ Here, a list of choices is given, and you can un-check the default ‘all photos and albums,’ and check the specific folder or album that you want to transfer. Once the individual choice is customized and made, users will have to select their destination where this data has to go and its link.

Direct transfer is particularly helpful for people with slow connections. Google believes that this new service of data portability with slow connections, such as what we get in a mobile device in an area that does not have access to a high-speed broadband connection. So, downloading and re-uploading can be avoided through this new service, and that will be really helpful for those people with metered connections.

Google has also said that the company will continue investing in Takeout and the Data Transfer Project to make data portability as smooth and swift as possible for the users.


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