Google reads out aloud for iOS after Android / Google


The Google app for iOS will soon be updated with a feature that will read articles out loud for the users.

The update was announced in a tweet by Google where the tech giant revealed that iOS users will soon have their own reader. Moreover, the new update will also allow the users to create a queue of webpages to be read in the style of a podcast.

According to updates, a new ‘speaker’ icon will appear in the top right corner of the iOS UI. Tapping on the icon will enable the ‘read out loud’ feature that will dictate the complete webpage or article for the user.

The user will also be able to pause or skip around the webpage.

The feature will only be available through the Google app directly. This means that the users cannot get the ‘reader’ via Google Chrome and other browsers. Instead, they will have to search for the article or access it via the ‘Discover’ feed.

Google introduced a similar feature for Android users earlier this year as well. The reader for Android was backed by Google Assistant who read every article word-by-word when commanded.

The feature on Android is pretty much a success and seeing the same happening for iOS users seems like a great initiative by Google.


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