Google Maps navigates COVID-19 along with roads / Google


Google Maps have been very helpful to people in recent years. Many users depend on this application to reach their destination without any hindrance – or the fear of getting lost. And now, Google has with handy feature and that is informing us about Covid-19 trends.

The new update features a layered icon highlighting the Coronavirus case trends in each particular area. The aim is to keep the general public informed so they take necessary actions when they are visiting the specific area or country that has a high Covid-19 case trend.

When you enter the application, you have to go into the layers icon. The Coronavirus case trends come under Map Details. It will be symbolized by a red warning sign.

Once the option is enabled in your app, Google Maps will alert you of new cases on a seven-day average, per 100,000 people. The areas that gave a high trend of cases are separately color-coded so that it is easy to distinguish. Moreover, Google also gives short comments such as “increasing” or “decreasing” to keep the user base notified regarding the ongoing pandemic.

Google maps have integrated data from all the 220 countries and territories in their application. The same data can also be filtered according to the state, city, and area.


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