Google introduces 3D ads as YouTube tests new AR ads experience / Google


In Google I/O 2019, Google Search boasted its initial AR technology along with 3D characters. On web, Google can now show interactive 3D advertisement and, at the same time, YouTube is featuring AR lipstick ads, another way of creating attractive and engaging ads by the tech giant.

Swirl, which according to Google is its “first immersive display format” for the mobile web “which can help educate consumers before making a purchase.”, is available for the advertisers by .

The inline ads are entirely interactive, as regarded by a swipe to rotate prompt and give a short initial preview. Tapping on the ad will make it expand to the full screen.

has a new editor to help different brands to create remarkable graphics models for Google 3D ads. The new editor gives more control over models and also provide new customize backgrounds, realistic reflections and animation settings.

Moreover, the company has a new ad format, known as AR Beauty Try-On, which is available on YouTube. It allows users to try on makeup while accompanied by following YouTube creators.

The initial experiment finds that 30 percent of consumers interacted with the AR experience for more than 80 seconds, as the MAC Cosmetics ran the very first YouTube AR advertisement campaign for lipstick.

Furthermore, YouTube is acknowledging the demand for live streams between brands by allowing advertisers to run footage from live streams directly in a display ad.

Google Web Designer features a new template to design an advertisement with the content from already present YouTube live stream.

With the help of live streams format, users will be able to interact with the video using simple YouTube player buttons. They can watch the video in full screen, preview your live stream and exit when they want.


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