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Paid extensions (especially the notorious ones) have been a very controversial aspect of the Google Chrome experience. While a number of different extensions have definitely ended up making it so that the user experience can end up being improved in some way, shape or form, the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of other extensions out there who have more or less only been trying to swindle people. This is a problem for Google since, as the creators of the browser that is allowing such extensions to come through, they are going to be held at least partially culpable for the losses that have been sustained.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, Google has that it will be permanently ending support for any kind of paid extensions that would be on the browser. This doesn’t mean that paid extensions are going to stop existing. All it means is that payments are no longer going to be processed through Google Chrome itself, forcing the creators of paid extensions to end up going through third party payment processors which would make the process a little more complicated but it would also mean that legitimate extensions would have no trouble continuing operations whereas scam extensions are going to have a very difficult time of it.

Another aspect in which this will impact paid extensions is that free trial periods are no longer going to be on offer. This is something that is definitely going to impact virtually all paid extensions in a really serious way, although it’s fair to say that Google really didn’t have any other solid options here that would prove to be truly useful. Extensions can branch out into other areas such as apps and refocus so that they can continue to be profitable, but some are concerned about the potential negative impact this could have on the average Google Chrome user experience.

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