Be safer with Google Maps: Now get alerts when your cab goes off route! / Google


With the intention of keeping users safe, especially when they are using public transport, Google has announced a new feature called “”

The initiative is initially being introduced in India for Android users where the users traveling in public vehicles will be alerted when the driver deviates more than 0.5 km from the route suggested by Google Maps.

The user’s phone would buzz with a notification that would enable them to compare how far they are to their original route.

The feature would also give users the choice to share their trip with friends and family in real-time so they can keep track of their journey as well.

The feature, as by AndroidPolice, was being tested exclusively in India since early June and is now expected to roll out fully for the residents.

As of now, the company has not declared whether the same functionalities will be available to users in other countries as well.

“It has been inspiring to work closely with users across India to develop, test and launch this feature. At Google Maps, we are committed to helping make journeys safe and hassle-free and look forward to bringing more experiences like this to India and beyond.”, annoucned Amanda Bishop, Product Manager, Google Maps in a blog post.

Lately, Google has been revamping its Maps feature with several new updates including a and support for showing radar locations.

The company is also launching three new public transport features for the users in India. This also includes a live train status update where Map users would get to see bus travel times and live traffic updates from 10 of the largest cities in the country.


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