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Digital Economy is quite profitable currently. However, most of the money generated in it is being pocketed by three companies or tech giants i.e. Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Recently, conducted a study and prepared a chart denoting how these three companies have a major influence over a number of online economy segments in the US.

It’s said that one of these three companies earns over two out of every three dollars used for digital advertising in US. Among these three tech giants, Facebook is untouchable when it comes to social media advertising as it collects over 83% of the total amount spent. The Social Media Giant is also about to trump Google in terms of mobile ads.

Politicians and various other Regulators are now carefully observing the concentration of power in particular markets. However, the tech companies still claim that competition is “just a click away”. Even Senator Elizabeth Warren is in favor of breaking up certain corporations.

68 percent of digital ad spending goes to Amazon, Facebook and Google.

Coming back to the stats and figures, Amazon is rapidly improving in digital advertising but for now, its dominance remains intact over the online retail business. The company controls 37.7% of all the e-commerce sales in US. The number was initially 47% but it got toned down after a revision by eMarketer based on Amazon’s third-party sales.

Another factor that is quite important to take into account is an inevitable one i.e. Internet will surpass the TV industry. This surpassing will benefit Google and Amazon. Around 27% of US users use Amazon to watch streaming video on TV. For Google services and devices, this number is 17%.

Lastly, it should also be clarified that the reason behind the percentage of “over-the-top” TV viewers exceeding 100% is that many consumers use multiple services. The term “over-the-top” TV users itself refers to the video delivered over the Internet without the need of a customary TV service. So, that makes things easier to understand.

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