Adware exist in more than 182 Android Apps since 2018 / Google


The recently unveiled a new adware campaign that took place inside the Google Play Store through 111 free-to-download apps. The adware ridden apps are actually games, camera apps, photo editors, etc., these apps expose the inability of Google to keep malware-infected apps out of the Android store.

Adware campaign

The adware campaign uses 182 apps in total and 111 of these apps were available in the Play Store, while others were found in the 9Apps and the PP Assistant stores.

Out of the 111 apps, 68 were duplicates and the remaining apps were unique. After analyzing the features, code characteristics, publishing times, packaging methods and the labels, the researchers found that the adware campaign apps has been live since 2018, but only 8 among those are still available on Play Store until today.

Game and camera Apps to delete right away

If you have any of the game and camera apps installed on your device (analysed by researchers), you need to remove them immediately.

Details revealed that, the 111 infected apps on Play Store counted more than 9.3 million downloads and there are still serious chances of old and removed apps still operating on thousands of devices.

Ways these adware apps operate

All these apps do is pretend they’re working normally for the first 30 minutes or in some cases for the first 24 hours, making the user enjoy and believe everything is working as expected. Later on, the app hides its icon so that the user has difficulty to locate and uninstall it then these apps push ads like crazy.

Pop up Ads on apps

The ads are full-screened and they pop up continuously, even after you unlock the screen. The ads can be pushed even if the adware app is not running anymore. If the user tries to remove the ad by clicking on the back button it eventually ends up opening an “open with “ prompt, and the close button becomes available after a few seconds.

How to save your phone from such malware

If you still, have any of these apps on your phones and want to remove it, you will find it on the app drawer or the “apps” section in your phone settings menu. In most recent versions of the adware, they have added sandbox detection evasion techniques and smarter C&C (command and control) server connection to hide from threat protection algorithms.

If you want to stay protected only download official apps that have better user scores/reviews on Play Store and come from trustworthy developers who maintain a valid website as well. Also, from a reputable vendor only and .


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