New US Bill Might Tell You How Much Your Facebook and Google Data is Worth / Google


You probably already know that companies like Google and from your data, so much so that you would be shocked at just how many billions they have managed to collect using data that was obtained from your online activities. However, in spite of the fact that these , there is a good chance that you might have no idea how much your own personal data could potentially be worth, and this is something that might change due to new legislation that might pass through the senate.

Mark Warner and Josh Hawley, two US Senators, that, if passed, would force Google and Facebook to tell you how much information they have collected from you as well as the overall value of this data. This would be important in making the age of the internet a little more transparent, especially since companies are earning billions from your data anyway.

The way things would work if this bill is passed is that every ninety days you are going to receive a report from Facebook and Google as well as other companies that are profiting from your data. This report is going to contain all of the data that these companies have collected from you, along with the overall value of this data.

A lot of contemporary politicians also think that users are entitled to financial benefits due to the data that they are providing, and this bill will be a step in the right direction if such a goal is to be met any time soon.

Photo: Volkan Furuncu / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images


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