Google Chrome Is Planning To Block Heavy Ads That Are Slowing Down Your Computer / Google


While browsing through the internet the most annoying thing we experience is the pop-up ads. No one likes these ads and this is the reason most of the users have an ad-blocker, however, some of the users don’t want to remove all the ads but they only want to block the ads that are making the computer slow or are abusive/aggressive in nature. Most of the ads are designed to have better resolution, better details and some have audio and video messages along. These ads use multiple system resources and as a result, the system becomes slow, to avoid this Google has announced that that will specifically target these heavy ads.

This ad blocker has been designed for Google Chrome, once this ad blocker feature comes to Google it will detect certain triggers before blocking the ad. These triggers help the blocker to evaluate if the ad is heavy or just a normal ad. The criteria are that ad has to be using 0.1% of the bandwidth, 0.1% of the CPU usage every minute along with 0.1% of the CPU time overall. For the first stage the criteria are 1 minutes CPU and 4MB of the network however, these numbers will change with the feedback and as more updated version will come along.

As the browser detects such ad, it will send a short message to the user stating that the ad was too heavy and it was removed because it was using too much of the system resources. This might be very convenient for the users and the system, however, this will become more challenging for the digital marketers because now they will be required to design ads with better quality and yet must not qualify as heavy. Google has announced this feature however; the date is not yet confirmed. However, experts are saying that the feature will soon be launched as Google has been working on this for quite some time now. With this feature, Google aims to make the user experience better which means that they are no longer required to install third-party ad blockers that may harm the system, instead, the user will be able to enjoy the inbuilt feature that will remove the heavy adds.

Photo: Thomas Trutschel via Getty Images


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